How Do You…? Enable WiFi Kali Linux

One of the most popular Internet search terms is “enable WiFi Kali Linux” and there’s no mistaking why. One of the most popular operating systems that IT Security Professionals and Penetration Testers use is called Kali Linux. Kali is a specialized, locked down Linux OS that comes preloaded with tons of security tools and utilities. [...]

Even Drones are Vulnerable to WiFi Attacks

WiFi attacks now affect drones! Who would have thought, right? As reported by software engineer named Samy Kamkar wrote a program called SkyJack that can easily hack and take control of drones. He’s got an awesome YouTube video below that you should check out. Many drones are controlled via WiFi networks, so hopefully you can [...]

Kali Linux – Initial Setup and Configuration Guide

Kali Linux is fast becoming the number one operating system security professionals and penetration testers use during ethical hack engagements. You may have heard of or used Back Track, and the great thing about it is Kali Linux is simply the successor to Back Track. The same group of researches and security professionals maintain Kali, [...]

WEP vs. WPA vs. WPA2 wireless encryption

These acronyms refer to different wireless encryption protocols that are intended to protect the information you send and receive over a wireless network. These wireless encryption protocols were created by the Wi-Fi Alliance, an association of over 300 companies in the wireless network industry. The first protocol the Wi-Fi Alliance created was WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), [...]

When WiFi Hacking Fails – DoSing Wireless Networks with MDK3

WiFi Hacking with Denial of Service hi jinks. Inevitably, as a wireless security professional, you will run into situations where all your complex WiFi hacking techniques fail. You’ve run through all the command options, all of the tools. You’ve tried a dictionary attack, a WPS attack, and a precomputed attack. You’ve even tried spoofing the [...]

Battlefield Internet – Cyber Safety Today

It’s no secret that cyber-attacks have been increasing exponentially since the birth of the Internet. The state of cyber safety today is precarious, at best. New internet-born viruses, worms, and trojans crop up every day. Thousands of them. Some brand new, some variants of older designs, all deadly. Hackers have upped the ante, and a [...]

MAC Spoofing and Packet Injection

I originally included these steps to change your mac address and enable packet injection in each of my other WiFi hacking tutorials. But it was redundant seeing the same thing so many times, so I’’ve decided to create a separate post where I will walk you through the absolute FIRST STEP in a wireless security [...]

E Safety Online – A Beginners Guide to Online Safety

Nearly everybody owns a computer, but if you haven’t taken the right “E Safety” steps to secure your online experience, you may be a sitting duck for a wireless or Internet-based that could destroy your family, friendships, and career. That’s the truth, and there are plenty of examples on my other post. Your WiFi access [...]